Custom Home Theater Design
Custom Theater Design
We can provide the detailed plans and specifications to allow you, or your
contractor, to construct a custom home theater. The blueprints include the floor
plan, side elevation, framing details, proscenium, electrical, HVAC, lighting
design, low voltage wiring, and the wall and acoustic finishes. The designs also
incorporate speaker placement, addresses acoustics, and sound isolation.
Whether you're acting as your own general contractor, or doing a home theater
project entirely on your own, we provide scale drawings but are always
available for guidance to ensure a successful project!
We can provide equipment recommendations specifically for your budget,
desires, and expectations.  If you do not want to hassle with sales staff who
do not have your interests at heart, you can purchase your audio and video
equipment though us as well. Please contact us for product listings.
We can install and calibrate both your audio and video equipment.
Trim & Finish Work
Aren't handy with tools or need a cabinet or custom piece of furniture built?
Want to hide that new projector in an ottoman? How about fabrics, curtains,
acoustic treatments and other elements to complete your custom home theater?
We can help you with all that as well.
Project Management
From initial design through all phases of construction, our project management
services are available upon request.
...and more, just give us a call!